Experience of use Medutox

We asked buyers to tell us how they used the serum and what results they saw in a month.

Alice from Varna Reviews

Medutox serum examination

A friend gave the serum. I was skeptical of such a gift, because I trust cosmetologists, not home care. For the sake of interest, I decided to give this tool a chance. Surprisingly, the product turned out to be quite good. From the first days, she feels excellent hydration. I also really liked the consistency and smell. I have oily skin with large pores, I was afraid that the serum would cause blackheads. However, it is very light, absorbs instantly, does not create the feeling of a film on the face at all. I really liked the Medutox aroma - light, floral, understated, but it sets the mood.

What is the effect?

I noticed the effect of Medutox from day one. The serum perfectly hydrates the skin. Plus, the hydration is cumulative and nowhere goes away after I wash my face with facial foam or micellar water.

After half a month, I found that the fine wrinkles were almost invisible. The big ones are about half as small! I do not understand how this is possible, because even the procedures at the beautician and the injections did not give such a pronounced result!

To sum up: I am very satisfied with Medutox, the product is 100% functional and efficient. I will advise all my friends.

Anna's usage experience from Berlin

As soon as I saw an advertisement for a new serum, I immediately asked my husband to order Medutox. I couldn't wait to try a new remedy. I did not go to the post office, but I took the plane. We paid for the order directly at the post office, at the beginning I was convinced of the integrity and security of my purchase. Everything is perfectly packaged, looks very high quality.

How to use the tool

Medutox is a serum and must be combined with a cream. I immediately noticed that this product has made very good friends with my other care products and decorative cosmetics.

So how I used:

  • tonic applied after washing;
  • then spread the Medutox serum on the face;
  • waited 5 minutes;
  • applied night cream or foundation if used in the morning.

In the summer I used Medutox in its pure form, without cream, so as not to weigh down the face. Moreover, the effect was not worse.

Before and after Medutox serum

My result of the application

I took a photo on purpose to see the result. I really like the effect, it is noticeable from the first application. The first time I used the serum was before going to bed. In the morning, I woke up and saw that the skin was hydrated and radiant. The smoothing effect of wrinkles is noticeable from around the second week of use. Altogether I have been using Medutox for only 2 months so far, but it was enough for the fine lines to be completely smoothed out! But I was more impressed with the powerful lifting effect - now I have an oval face, like when I was 20! I liked the cream a lot, now I only use it, I don't even look at the other products. I sincerely recommend Medutox to all women who want beautiful and youthful skin.